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You know that saying, better late than never, well I finally got my office cleaned up and things pulled together so I could show you my small but powerful workspace, the space where all the creativity happens.


I’ve got a space in my garage where I tackle big projects that involve paint and crafting but my little red desk is where I spend most of my days working on design projects, writing blog post and fueling my creativity.  My work area shares space with a guest bedroom but allows me just enough space to do what I need to do.  In addition to my work area, I have a large walk-in closet in the room where all my supplies, fabrics, crafting tools and Etsy shop items are stored.  I like keeping my desk area clean and organized so the closet is the perfect storage option for the items I use on a daily basis.

A few months ago my desk looked like this.


And then I got a wild hair to paint it red and it was transformed into this.


Red is my favorite color so having a red desk was long overdue.  To give the desk even more of a facelift I replaced the metal pulls with beautiful horn pulls  and a piece of glass for the top.


Once the desk was painted all the other elements fell into place.


Above the desk hangs a large cork board that I made using a frame that was given to me by a client.  Given that my mom taught English for 27 years, I’ve come to love the power of words so my inspiration board is filled with quotes that lift me up everyday.


Most of the accessories I use to hold pencils (I’m a fancy No.2 girl), scissors and such are vintage milk glass pieces I thrifted.  The vintage glass lamp was a .25 cent purchase at the Longest Yard Sale two years ago.  I covered the shade in a black and white print.



I bought my desk chair at a local thrift store for $7.00.  It didn’t have a seat when I got it and the wood was stained an oak color but the frame was in good shape.  I painted the chair black, had a piece of wood cut for the seat and upholstered it in a fun print.

The door you see in the background is the closet where all the goods are stored.

ConfettiStyle copy

The mouse pad was a diy project you can read about here and the basket under the desk holds a few binders that I access frequently.


Between the closet door and bathroom door is a file cabinet I covered in a black and white stripe skirt.  The TV sit on top and above that is a handmade piece of hand-painted fabric art my mom purchased in Africa when you took a trip years ago.


Framed prints I downloaded from Sarah M. Dorsey hang on a side wall.


One wall of the room has a gallery wall which I’m in the process of completing.  And you’ve seen in previous post that I am a basket fiend so here are a few that hold crafting supplies and add visual interest to the room.

My work space is a definite reflection of my love of color and an eclectic design style.


 So there you  have it, my little red desk and where I work!

Thanks for stopping by today.  Make it a great week!


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Happy Friday!
Today I had planned to show you my  home office space but I cant!  It is no shape to make a debut on the blog.
 The current state of my desk looks like this…


and I’ve got fabric samples, my fall coffee table décor, centerpieces for an event and my treasures from Scott Antique Market all over the floor!


I promise I’ll share the space with you next week after I get it cleaned up and organize, but in the meantime I hope you enjoy this quick and easy DIY project I recently created for my desk.
After painting my desk and adding a glass top, I realized that my computer mouse was not functioning well on the glass surface.  I knew I needed a mouse pad but didn’t want to buy one of those generic looking ones, so DIY to the rescue.
Cork trivets from Ikea ($2.99 for 3) and Decorative Scrapbook Paper
Mod Podge, Scissors and a paint brush
Decorative Washi Tape and/or acrylic paint
How to:
Trace the outline of your trivet on to the scrapbook paper and cut it out.
Using a paint brush, coat one side of the trivet and the back side of your paper circle with Mod Podge.  Place the paper on to the wet trivet surface and smooth out.
Once the Mod Podge is dry, you can paint the edge of your trivet with acrylic paint or cover it with decorative washi tape. And if you want, you can coat the top and sides with a final layer of Mod Podge to create a smooth, protected surface.
Let everything dry and you’ll have a fancy mouse pad for your desk, for less than $3.00!


I loved how easy and inexpensive this project was so I created three mouse pads that I can switch out when the mood strikes me.  I used decorative tape on the edge of two pads and painted the edge of the third.


With the holiday season coming up, this is a great project you can do for girlfriend gifts or teacher’s gifts.
I hope you have a great weekend.  I’m off to get things cleaned up so I can enjoy the beautiful weather we’re suppose to have here this weekend!


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As someone who works from home, I’m always checking out office spaces on Pinterest. In my book, the perfect home office doesn’t have to be large or filled with designer touches but does need to be functional, have pretty accessories and incorporate personal touches. Here are 10 of my favorite office spaces and why they work in my book.
One of the things I love about that this compact work station is that there is room to spread out and if needed accommodates two people working.  I recently added a glass top to my desk and think that really adds to the style of a work surface.
This is a great example of a personalized work area.  The two lamps help to define the desk and the inspiration board is a great centerpiece to this gallery wall, which is full of personal pieces.
While not exactly my style, this super sleek and modern desk offers style and function with the drawer unit that helps keep the desk area uncluttered.  If I was to change one thing about this space it would be the chair…this desk calls for a chair with more style.
There are so many cute things in this office space.  The desk is charming (love the curves) and the chalkboard is functional and pretty. I also love the dress form which adds a personal feel to this work space.


Isn’t this space pretty?  I love the painted desk top and the overall arrangement of this L-shaped work surface. The bookshelves are the perfect mix of decorative and functional items and that chandelier adds a touch of glam.  This beautiful space was designed by Sabrina of Pink Little Notebook who has a fabulous blog I highly recommend you check out.
My favorite part of this work space is the floating shelves which help keep the space open and airy but still provide ample space for organization and display.
What really makes this office space work for me are the pops of bold color with all the white.  The expedite bookcase is great for storage and I love the Louis chair in place of a traditional office chair.  Only thing missing…a fun rug!
Cute and compact is how I’d describe this office space.  The bold wall color definitely adds lots of energy and the plant adds visual interest.
I’m all for a non-traditional desk in an office and love that this space feel mores like an extension of the homes décor than a hard-core office space.
Sunset Office--Sunset
I’ve always liked the idea of an office space in a closet.  This is the perfect solution when space is at a premium.  The open shelves are great for decorative storage boxes  and accessories, and the top cabinet gives you space to store more mundane office supplies behind closed doors.
When I look at all of these offices spaces, I realize there are a few common elements that stand out to me and that help define the perfect home office.
1.  Storage–Boxes, Baskets and Bookcases provide storage while also adding to the style of an office space.
2.  Lighting–Unique lighting both on the desktop and overhead help make an office space pretty and functional.
3.  Seating–Non-traditional chairs used as desk chairs are a great way to up-style your work area.
4.  Color–Whether through accessories, wall color or rugs, color makes an office space feel energized.
5.  Wall decor–Mixing functional pieces like chalk or bulletin boards with framed art and inspirational quotes helps to personalized an office space.
6.  Accessories–Every good office deserves pretty accessories.  Using decorative pieces to hold pencil, paper and files makes an office feel less rigid.
7.  Flowers-Guaranteed to make your work space happier!
Want to see what my home office space looks like?  I’ve been doing a little spruce up and will share it with you next week.


all images via my Office/Craft Space pinterest board

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Greetings!  I hope you had a splendid weekend. Most of my weekend was spent indoors working on projects, writing blog post, adding new Etsy items to my shops and getting things around me organized.  Whenever I have lots of time at home I find myself evaluating things in my life…my goals, my businesses, my bucket-list, my happiness and my sources of inspiration.  It’s a time when I tune into what sparks my creativity, what makes me tick and what fuels my dreams.  I thought I’d take today and give you a little look into head and what’s been inspiring me lately. 01b7b24131c73f54a4b576bcca0cd39b
I’m inspired each day that I wake up and have the opportunity to be the best I can be, do the best I can do, do something I want, cross something off my bucket list, share my heart with someone and remember all that I have to be grateful for.
I’m inspired by beautiful spaces that are filled with simple things displayed in creative ways {those mirrors}.
I’m inspired by beautiful pieces of furniture that lived a past life and have been brought back with a few coats of paint {that black cabinet is stunning}.
If you think this image is inspiring, check out the rest of the house!
I’m inspired by beautiful handbags because if I’m going to carry one everyday it might as well be beautiful!
I’m inspired by outdoor spaces that force you to do nothing but relax and rejuvenate. And it doesn’t hurt if they are gorgeous too!
{Using an animal print fabric outdoors is unexpected and a real source of inspiration}.
I’m inspired by a DIY project that only cost a couple of dollars but looks like a million!  {brilliant}
I’m inspired by my FAITH in all things. enough said!
I’m inspired when I’m surrounded by things I love and things that allow me to be creative!
I’m inspired when I discover a new blog and the person who writes it becomes a source of inspiration for me {KariAnne rocks}!
I’m inspired when I have a vision to make bold and dynamic changes to my surroundings. {red makes me happy}
I’m inspired by the littlest detail that makes something simple really fabulous!



I’m inspired by red lipstick because it makes me feel pretty!
I’m inspired when I take the time to remember this!
What inspires  you??



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I just started working on a new project and I want to incorporate an old door into the design plan.  The space I’m working on is a family room that will be decorated in a casual, vintage-inspired  old-world style  Before I get knee-deep in the design process I went looking for some design inspiration using old doors and came across some pretty great ideas.  This is what has me inspired…
I love the idea of an old door styled with bookshelves flanking a seating area.  I also think this idea would be great in a kitchen styled with cookbooks and cooking accessories.
Most of the doors I come across are solid wood, but I really like this look with glass pane doors as a wall décor alternative.  Positioned behind a console table and against a painted or wallpapered wall, the doors add architectural details without being visually heavy.


An old door with hooks added would be great in a foyer or near a back door.  This is also a really cute idea for a bathroom or bedroom wall to hold towels and robes.


A slim panel door can be positioned behind a side chair to fill a corner or create a vignette in the living room.  I love the idea of hanging a basket or even a piece of framed art on the door to embellish it a bit more.


This is the look I’m loving most. I love the way the door helps to fill up the wall space next to the cabinet and adds a bold statement to the entire wall vignette.
If you like the idea of decorating with old doors but your living room is not in need, check out these ideas for other rooms in your home.


Old doors make a great headboard.


This is a fun decorative statement for a guest bedroom or home office.


The idea of an old door as the backdrop to a nightstand is pretty cool.  The addition of a light sconce makes the door stylish and functional.
A door bookcase is a great way to add organization to a girl or boys room without spending a lot of money.


And I love the idea of an old door turned into a coffee table.  This is an easy DIY project that yields great results for a den or basement play area.
Anything vintage and old including an old door is a great way to add charm to your home.
So, do you like the idea of decorating with doors?  If so, what room in your home would you place one?

XO Shelly

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Since I spend so much time in my office, I feel the need to surround myself with pretty office accessories.  Having an organized & stylish office space is not only necessary to fuel my creativity but it also spurs me to keep my small space organized and tidy.  There are a few essential elements I think every office space needs like a desk lamp and desk chair and beyond that there are some really stylish pieces that I think every office could use.  Today I’ve rounded up some of my favorite inspirational office spaces and a handful of adorable office accessories I found on Etsy.
Check it out….be inspired and then get back to work, in style!

I love the simplicity of the space.  The striped rug adds just enough pattern to keep the space interesting and that mirror is a definite style statement.
I love the idea of a hanging light over the desk and the bold color that is balanced against an all white space.
So much to love about this space.  Why go with a brown wood desk when you the color pink exist?   And that animal print bulletin boards is so stylish.
Upgrading a simple metal file cabinet is just a few paint strokes away.



Stained Glass Business Holder and Pencil Cup
Patterned Desk Tray
Paris Pencil Collection
Personalized Chevron Mouse Pad
Designer Clipboard with Zebras
Chevron Letter Holder
Framed Bulletin Board
You might also find inspiration for your office space here and here!

XO Shelly

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Just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that I’ve got new Designer Clipboard patterns added to the ConfettiStyle Designs SHOP!   



Handcrafted by me, just for you!

Thanks for stopping by!

XO Shelly

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All month I have focused on Organizing and Refreshing my home and my work life.  One of the task on my to-do list was to give some of my mundane office accessories a face lift to add a bit of cheer to my work space.

I started by giving these inexpensive cardboard file boxes a little color and style.  What started as a set of simple white file boxes from Ikea (5 for $1.99)

FLYT magazine file, white Package quantity: 5 pack Package quantity: 5 pack

ended up looking like this after I added bands of Washi Tape and metal bookplates.

File Boxes 2

File Boxes 6

Files Boxes 3

Next up was a little transformation of my white binders, which were inspired by these images.

100 Layer Cake | Pop Up Shop | Item Details

Rib Stripe Tote

They went from this….

1-1/2in.  Simply™ View Binders with Round Rings, White, 12/Pack

to this!

Duck Tape Striped Binders copy

 Duck Tape Striped Binders 2 copy

IMG_5358 copy

And finally, I glammed up my black tape dispenser with some gold dots.

From this….

Dollar Store Tape Dispenser

To this..

Tape Dispenser

Now, back to work!

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