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So, how was your weekend?  I hope it was filled with all things good.

Today we are talking lamps.  Unique lamps to be specific.  Have you ever made your own DIY lamp or thought about having a lamp made using a favorite decorative piece?  If you are looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind lamp this just might be an idea for you.

You could turn a ceramic ginger jar into a lamp like this…

The Hunted Interior



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The beauty of many of the Ikea tables is that they can be transformed and UpStyled with paint.

The beauty of paint is that it is the cheapest design tool you can use to transform your home.

The combination of paint and Ikea furniture can yield stunning results.

The Malm Dressing Table painted grey


via Design Sponge

The Docksta Table with a painted gold base



The Vittsjo Table painted gold



The Melltorp Table painted yellow



The Docksta Table painted in black chalkboard paint



This round side table is discontinued but the Lindved Table is similar



The Liatorp Table with painted base



Now I’m in the mood to head to Ikea and then paint something.  How about you?


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One of the main reasons I started my blog was to share my love of design with others.  I wanted to write about the tips and techniques I use when I’m designing a space for a client or myself and inspire others to create the home and parties they dream of.  In the 3 years of writing this blog (I can’t believe it’s been 3 years) I’ve shared lots of design advice from decorating outdoor spaces and bathrooms to creating work and hobby spaces that fuel your creativity, to entertaining and gifting ideas and tips.  As we head into a new year, I have so many more tips and ideas I’ll be sharing with you but for now I thought it would be fun to take a look back as some of the most popular design inspired post here on ConfettiStyle!

Enjoy and be inspired (again)!


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10 Design Tips {that also apply to life}!

Blue and White Living Room2--HB

Timeless Design Elements


Entertaining Inspiration

Ikea Feb 2013 (1)

Ikeas Favorite Thing

Cupcake Liner Giftwrap by ConfettiStyle (3) copy

Gift Wrap Design Ideas


Fashion…The Little Black Cardigan

By the way, I’ll also be continuing my 101 Series on the ConfettiStyle Facebook page so be sure to like the page for even more design, gifting, fashion and entertaining tips and ideas!

Thank you for stopping by the blog today, I look forward to having you along for the ride in 2014!


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It’s become a ritual.
Whenever I go to Ikea I start at the front of the store and snake my way through each of the departments only to find myself in the rug department “petting” the sheepskin rug they sell.
You know the rug, the white fluffy one that makes you want to just snuggle with it like you were a 5-year-old.
I can’t help myself.
I’ve picked up that rug so many times and asked myself the question that runs through my head at least 127 times a day, “what could I do with this?”
I know one, maybe two of those rugs are meant to be in my life so I had to go hunting for some design inspiration to help me figure out how me and this rug could live in harmony together.
If you’ve ever picked up this rug and asked the ‘what would I do’ question, here’s your answer…
Slide1 (more…)

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Happy Friday!
Today I had planned to show you my  home office space but I cant!  It is no shape to make a debut on the blog.
 The current state of my desk looks like this…


and I’ve got fabric samples, my fall coffee table décor, centerpieces for an event and my treasures from Scott Antique Market all over the floor!


I promise I’ll share the space with you next week after I get it cleaned up and organize, but in the meantime I hope you enjoy this quick and easy DIY project I recently created for my desk.
After painting my desk and adding a glass top, I realized that my computer mouse was not functioning well on the glass surface.  I knew I needed a mouse pad but didn’t want to buy one of those generic looking ones, so DIY to the rescue.
Cork trivets from Ikea ($2.99 for 3) and Decorative Scrapbook Paper
Mod Podge, Scissors and a paint brush
Decorative Washi Tape and/or acrylic paint
How to:
Trace the outline of your trivet on to the scrapbook paper and cut it out.
Using a paint brush, coat one side of the trivet and the back side of your paper circle with Mod Podge.  Place the paper on to the wet trivet surface and smooth out.
Once the Mod Podge is dry, you can paint the edge of your trivet with acrylic paint or cover it with decorative washi tape. And if you want, you can coat the top and sides with a final layer of Mod Podge to create a smooth, protected surface.
Let everything dry and you’ll have a fancy mouse pad for your desk, for less than $3.00!


I loved how easy and inexpensive this project was so I created three mouse pads that I can switch out when the mood strikes me.  I used decorative tape on the edge of two pads and painted the edge of the third.


With the holiday season coming up, this is a great project you can do for girlfriend gifts or teacher’s gifts.
I hope you have a great weekend.  I’m off to get things cleaned up so I can enjoy the beautiful weather we’re suppose to have here this weekend!


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I’m sure most of you have already gotten the new Ikea catalog in the mail and a lucky few have probably had a chance to go into the store to check out all the goodness in person.  I’ve yet to make time to visit the store but I have had time to turn down the corner on many pages in the catalog.  There are so many new items I’m loving and lots of old items I seeing in a new light after seeing them in newly styled photos.
My list of must-see items is long but I’ve managed to narrow it down to a handful of top picks I wanted to share with you.  These are the cream-of-the-crop in my book.
1) The Stockholm Sofa, which I’ve already seen on many blogs and Instagram feeds.  This baby is going to be super popular and the green velvet is by far going to be the color of choice.  My love the this sofa has gone so far as to ask the hubs if he likes that color, which is something I normally don’t do unless I’m serious about a piece.
2) Hjalmaren Wall Shelf is pretty slick.  The catalog showed it styled in a bathroom but I can see this with books in a library or kids room, or even in my office :)
3) What’s not to love about this Stockholm chair?  I think it would make a pretty darn cute desk chair.  My vote is for the stain finish, but it’s also available in green.
4)  My pulse quickened when I saw this yellow Stockholm cabinet.  I love everything about it from the glass doors to the legs and the door pulls. Just wait, I predict you’re going to see this on many a design blog over the next few months.
5)  How cute is the Vittsjo table??  When I saw it I thought about all those times I’m trying to work in front of the TV and how handy this would be.  For $24.99 I can already see this being a hot DIY paint project for bloggers across the globe.  Don’t you think it would look great in gold or red?
6)  The Ullgump rug!  The name is nowhere near as awesome as this rug.  It’s available in black and white also but my vote is for the orange and white color combo.
7) The Stockholm 2-Drawer Cabinet is just too darn cute.  I love the emerald green color and the wood stain finish on the inside.  I’d replace the wood legs with some chrome casters to really make it sing.
Just in case you’re wondering what other items caught my fancy, here are a few that almost made my cream-of-the-crop list:
Pg.157, item 13–Is this the new “it” rug from Ikea??
Pg. 288, item 1–This would be so pretty with pink flowers in it!
Pg. 200, item 1–Could be really stunning in a powder room!
I can’t wait until my schedule opens up and I can get to Ikea to do a little in-person browsing and shopping!
So, what’s new items are you loving from Ikea?  I’d love to know!

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Have you ever stopped and thought about how Ikea has changed the design world?  Their products are affordable, appeal to the masses and their stores offer for an exhilarating shopping and people watching experience especially if you happen upon someone who is visiting the store for the first time.  Let’s just say the “deer in the headlights” look is status quo for first-timers!

Ikea (16)

I recently created a new pinterest board called Ikea Inspiration and set about pinning images of Ikea products.  One of the things that stood out to me are the items that appear over and over in room designs. Items like the Expedit Shelving UnitLappljung Ruta Rug, Billy Bookcase and the Stockholm Striped Rug.  These items I’m sure have made it into the Ikea Hall of Fame.

Ikea (24)



Ikea (4)

Despite the fact that Ikea products and a commodity in the design world, what I like most is that designers and DIY’ers can put their own spin on the pieces and give them a unique and custom look.

  Take for instance the Malm Dresser ($49-$149 retail) which can become a sophisticated, modern, classic or uber stylish piece of furniture with a little up-sytling.


Ikea (8)

Ikea (5)

Ikea (22)

Ikea (1)

Ikea (18)

Ikea (3)

The Malm Dresser comes in different widths, heights and drawer configurations so it can work in a variety of rooms.


 Another hot item is the Lack Side Table.  At $9.99 and available in  seven colors this little table can be tricked out in so many ways.

Ikea (23)

Ikea (21)

Ikea (19)

Ikea (11)

The Lack table is the perfect size for a small upholstered bench too.

Ikea (9)

Here are a few more popular Ikea items used in fabulous room designs:

Ikea (25)

Lappljung Pillow Cover $10.00

Ikea (2)

Rast Dresser $34.99

Stockhold Pillow Cover

Stockholm Pillow Cover  $12.99


 Ribba Picture Frame, the makings of a great gallery wall.  $4.99-$24.99

There are about a thousand other products at Ikea that can be customized to fit your design and style needs.  Although Ikea may appear to be aisle and after aisle of “stuff” upon first glance,  Ikea can be really inspiring if you just think of the possibilities.

Do you have a favorite IKEA piece?

Shop Ikea on-line here!


all images can be found on my Ikea Inspiration Pinterest board!

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Warning…this is an image heavy post but it’s all good stuff!

Despite lots of design projects, crafting and family visiting in February, I was able to sneak in a few shopping trips to some of my favorite and one new shopping destination.  Here is was I saw and bought.

I did go to the Scott Antique Market and was once again wowed but the incredible selection of furniture, textiles and vintage pieces available.

 Scott Antique Market Feb 2013 (3)
A beautiful mirrored cabinet ideal as a nightstand!
Scott Antique Market Feb 2013 (4)
I  really liked this desk…the finish, the shelves and the hardware!
Scott Antique Market Feb 2013 (6)
Adorable grain sack tote bags!
Scott Antique Market Feb 2013 (5)
This massive entertainment unit is handmade right here in the US of A!  Stunning.
Scott Antique Market Feb 2013 (7)
While the antler look is not my style, I can really appreciate the artistry that goes in to creating a design around them.  These large antlers were used to create a fun centerpiece.
{Sarah, how about this a the foundation to a holiday centerpiece?  I can see the creative wheels in your head turning.  Coming to an Etsy shop near you???}
Scott Antique Market Feb 2013 (8)
Yet another fabulous ottoman style from one of the vendors.  Scott is becoming a great resource for unique and well-priced custom ottomans.
Scott Antique Market Feb 2013 (2)
I see vintage beverage crates all the time but this vendor had a huge selection of crates from bottling companies that I’ve never heard of before.  Most of these were priced between $20 and $50.
Scott Antique Market Feb 2013 (1)
This sign was plucked from an old diner and was pretty awesome. In the right farm-house style kitchen this would look great.

Mid-month I  finally made it to a vintage shop/flea market that I’ve wanted to go to for a while.  Here’s what I saw…


Framed needlepoint art.  I admire anyone who can needlepoint like this.
A vintage wool blanket.
 Beautiful gold-rimmed plates.
 This vintage pail was glammed up a bit with a burlap label.  So cute!  I didn’t buy this pail but I did buy some plain ones for $2.00 each that I plan to decorate myself.
   I thought this old cigar mold would be pretty cool in an art studio or craft space to hold markers or colored pencils.
 Vintage pie tins turned into unique mirror frames.
 I am so loving this idea of using an old candelabra globe as a mini cloche.  I’ve always passed these up when shopping but now they are being added to my shopping list!
 I bought these egg cups!
I’m on the hunt of vintage clocks and one of these made it home with me.
 Loved this metal feed pail.  I can think of a hundred ways to decorate with it each season.
 I so wanted this antique chest with all of its amazing hardware but no go!

Next up was one of my favorite flea markets, which I kindly refer to as a dive.  This place is filled to the rafters with stuff,  a lot of good pieces and lots of junk.  The dealers at this shop are always bringing in new items so every time I go it’s an adventure.

Ikea Feb 2013 (23)

This hand-painted table was a great deal at $125 and didn’t last long.  It sold before I left the store.
Ikea Feb 2013 (29)
I’m coming across lots of handcrafted art lately and really loved these yarn flowers.  These would be a fun addition to a girls room or as part of a gallery wall.
Ikea Feb 2013 (28)
I have a thing for mirrors and loved this round beauty.
Ikea Feb 2013 (27)
This was a large original oil painting that would look great at a beach property or lake house.
Ikea Feb 2013 (26)
Incredible string and nail art.  I remember making these as a kid but nothing this elaborate.  I think this would look awesome in a study or man’s office.
Ikea Feb 2013 (25)
Such amazing chairs.  I could see these painted a fun, vibrant color with an upholstered seat.  They were already sold!

A finally I made a quick trip through Ikea.  I was happy to see that their new catalog is out and that the store is undergoing lots of vignette changes.  There were a few new items in the store but I’ve heard that most of the new pieces and new vignettes will be unveiled next week. Oh darn, I guess I’ll have to make another trip.

Ikea Feb 2013 (1)

The new catalog.  If you get yours by mail it should be arriving very soon.
Ikea Feb 2013 (2)
I posted a picture of this pillow on Instagram (@confettistyle) and shared the incredible price…$9.99!
Ikea Feb 2013 (3)
Love this coconut palm leaf basket.  It almost looked like a short animal skin.
Ikea Feb 2013 (5)
A pretty fab chair for a breakfast area or as an accent chair.
Ikea Feb 2013 (6)
I don’t need a desk lamp but loved the sleek style of this one.
Ikea Feb 2013 (7)
I can never pass up a piece that offers lots of versatility. Such a bargain at $14.99.
Ikea Feb 2013 (8)
I have a slight obsession with the paper napkins from Ikea and couldn’t resist these striped beauties. $1.49 a pack.
Ikea Feb 2013 (9)
These smoke gray goblets were stunning and at only $5.99 each a few had to come home with me.
Ikea Feb 2013 (10)
This black and ivory pillow cover is only $10.00.   It is a great weight and the pattern is so fresh and bold.
Ikea Feb 2013 (11)
For those of you that don’t know, Ikea has a fabric department where you cut your own fabric.  All the fabrics are $8.99 a yard and they have a variety of patterns to choose from.  The dots above are oil cloth and would be great to use as a tablecloth or upholstery fabric for kitchen chairs.
Ikea Feb 2013 (12)
This was a pretty cool abstract print.  I loved the black, off-white and green color combo.
Ikea Feb 2013 (13)
They have lots of traditional patterns too.  Bold plaids, mini stripes and wider awning stripes.  All of these fabrics could be used for stylish curtain panels.
Ikea Feb 2013 (14)
Ikea Feb 2013 (17)
Ikea Feb 2013 (15)
Some fun florals.
Ikea Feb 2013 (16)
Ikea Feb 2013 (20)
There is lots of color being added to the lighting department.  The paper lanterns would be great in a young girls room, nursery or in a casual sunroom.
Ikea Feb 2013 (21)
Classic drum shades with a splash of color.
Ikea Feb 2013 (22)
And finally some striped baskets that could be used as planters, magazine baskets or for toy storage.

All in all, February was a good shopping month.  Scott Antique market is just a week away and the fun starts all over again.

Have a great weekend and if shopping is on your list, I hope you find something great.

XO Shelly

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