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I was reading an interesting article the other day that was filled with statistics.  The numbers were staggering but what really was on my mind was how those numbers related we decorate our homes.  It all comes back to time, the time we spend under our own roof.  With some much time spent in our homes, the saying that your home should rise up to meet you and that it should fuel your soul is so true.


The average person will sleep for 229,961 hours sleeping (1/3 of your life)?

 That’s why having a bedroom that comforts you at the end of the day is important.  Invest in good quality sheets and pillows, make your bedroom is cozy and surround yourself with photos and things you love so you go to sleep and wake up feeling joyful.



The average person spends a staggering 32,098 hours eating and drinking beverages in their lifetime.

Create a dining space that is comfortable and allows you to gather with friends and family is one of the best ways to make your home a sanctuary.  Mealtimes should be a time to reconnect with the ones you love and having a space you love makes the gatherings even more meaningful.



The average American spends 32 hours per month online. That totals 28,300 hours in a lifetime, and this number may increase in the future with smart devices becoming more commonly used and allowing easier access to the Internet.

As someone who works from home I fully understand the concept of creating a working space that is both functional and pretty.  This also applies to those of you that work outside the home. Keep your home office organized and surround yourself with inspiration that will enhance your work and keep you energized.



The average person will watch over 9 years’ worth of TV, or around 80,486 hours.

I am always getting on my husband about watching too much TV.  Since TV’s are apart of our lives, focus on making your TV viewing area as beautiful as possible.  Invest in comfortable seating and make the TV part of the décor.  And while you’re at it, create a beautiful outdoor living space that just might entice the family away from the TV.



Women will spend 12,896 hours in their lifetime cleaning the home, which is almost one-and-a-half year of their lives.

I’m not your typical person because I actually like to clean.  There is some therapeutic about it. But I know that in order for me to enjoy it I must have my supplies organized and easily accessible.  Take the time to organize and make the area where you keep your cleaning supplies pretty.  Seeing a beautiful space will make you want to create a beautiful space.





Statistical source


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Happy Monday!  I’m wishing everyone a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow on this beautiful St. Patrick’s Day.

The post I shared last week about Nate Berkus and his skill of decorating small spaces couldn’t have been timed any better.  I’ve got a real life small space challenge on my mind.

Do you remember when you went off to college and stepped into your dorm room for the first time?  All I could think was how small the space was and how in the world was I ever going to fit all my clothes into that closet. My dorm room looked a little like this.


Living in a  dorm room was my first experience with small space living.  My roommate Kathy and I decorated our dorm room as best we could–hung posters, rearranged furniture and added a rug.  It was a pretty space but no where close to how dorm rooms are looking these days.


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Hi there,
If you’ve watched the news today you know that all of us here in Georgia are bracing for what they say is going to be a pretty bad ice storm. Given the events the unfolded two weeks ago Atlanta is not taking any chances. They have already cancelled school for Tuesday and Wednesday and are considering the rest of the week.

I think just about everyone in Atlanta hit the grocery stores today because it was sheer madness. I’m not talking just the milk and bread aisles being empty, the produce department was wiped out and there must have been 30 people in line at the deli counter.


Not a single banana to be had.  Thank goodness I don’t have a pet monkey.


Not blueberries or blackberries which means no smoothie for me.


Most of the salad section was cleaned out. I guess everyone is planning on eating healthy while they are stuck at home.

I survived the grocery store and even snagged some salad.  Oh, I also by-passed the deli line by ordering a deli sandwich and then asking the clerk to slice an additional 1/2 lb. of turkey for me while she was at it.  Genius on my part!

On to bigger and better things. 

I mentioned last week that several areas of my home were in bad need of organizing.  The level of disarray is not normal for me, but I’ve slacked in the organizational arena and am going to blame it on having the flu.

The most time-consuming part of this project was purging and getting rid of unneeded things, especially in the bathroom.

Our small linen closet started out as this mess…


Apparently I have a cosmetic and personal care hoarding problems I wasn’t aware of.  And yes, I have every gift-with purchase bag ever made from Clinic.


Within a couple of hours it looked like this!


$2.00 photo boxes from Michael’s make great storage boxes

Nice labels for the plastic bins

Baskets to add a little style


Cleaning products all together and easy to reach


The broom (from HomeGoods) is hung on the wall with a Command Hook


 I added a over-the-door shoe holder from TJMaxx to hold items we use regularly {like cold and flu medicine}:)

Another area I tackled was some of my craft storage.  My washi tape collection has grown and was overflowing…


A clear silverware caddy from HomeGoods solved that problem.  I love that I can see all my tapes and access what I need without disturbing the other rolls.


My basket of ribbon rolls (sorry no before photo) now looks like this (x two).  I told you I have lots of ribbon.



These kitchen pantry door racks from the Container Store are ideal for holding ribbon rolls.

So glad I got these projects crossed off my to-do list and can move on to more exciting things like cleaning out my kitchen cabinets.  Ugh!


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Happy February!

I am typically a very organized person.  But since packing up my Christmas and holiday décor I’ve struggled with keeping myself and my home organized. Being disorganized has left me feeling uneasy and scattered and because of that I am not working as efficiently as I can or should be.  This week I’m setting aside some time in my schedule to get things around me organized and back on track.  I’m going to be sorting, purging, consolidating and organizing each space that I’ve neglected.

To get the job done, I’m going to rely on the organizing habits I’ve used for years, tips that always work for me.  I’d thought I’d share those tips with you today and come back later in the week and show the before and after of a some of the areas I’m organizing.

Organizing Tip #1–SORTING

The first step for me when I’m organizing is SORTING!  When things are in a state of disorder it usually means piles and stacks.  Sorting through the things you have will help you organize like items together, move items to the room and spaces they belong in and it will also help you decide what stays and what goes.


Organizing Tip #2–PURGING 

  PURGING something that you no longer need or that is no long useful to you is a great feeling.  It takes discipline to sort through and get rid of items you once loved, but holding on to things that have gone unused for months or years is not doing you or your state of well-being any good.  Letting go of unnecessary stuff will allow you to enjoy and appreciate those things that you keep and really use.



Organizing Tip #3–EVALUATE

  Once you’ve sorted and purged its time to EVALUATE WHAT YOU HAVE.  In my closets, kitchen and craft space I know that I function best when the items I use most often are organized in a way that makes accessing them quick and easy.  Do a second sort of your items and put them into stacks labeled A, B, C and D.  ‘A’ represents the things you use most and ‘D’ represents those things that are used less often.  Now is also a good time to take a look at those items in the D pile and see if anything more needs to be purged.  When it comes time to place things on shelves or racks, the things you use most will be front and forward.


***if you’re organizing your closet, this is also a good time to  make a list of wardrobe essentials you need to shop for

Organizing Tip #4–MAKE IT VISIBLE 

One of my keys to effective organizing is to MAKE IT VISIBLE.  For me this means creating organization that allows me to see the things I have.  Plastic containers, open baskets, hooks, racks and binders are a few of my favorite organizing tools.  If I see it, I use it and if everything has a home its less likely to end up in a pile.


***plastic over-the-door shoe holders are great for holding all sorts of things


***I rotate my bath towels on the shelves after I’ve done laundry each week.  This way all the towels we own get used and washed on a regular basis which helps keep the color consistent in all of them

Organizing Tip #5–CONTAIN YOUR STUFF 

On the flip side of my wanting to have things visible is my desire to HAVE THINGS CONTAINED and orderly.  This is where creativity comes into play.  I use Command Hooks to hang all types of things around my house, my rolls of crafting washi tape are housed in a kitchen storage piece and I use hanging shoe storage to hold scarves.  Think about how you ideally would want to store and organize items and then look for a solution that works for that function.  It may not be an item that was originally meant for that purpose.




***baskets are one of your best organizing investments–they keep things contained and keep the space looking pretty


***this is a great idea for making plastic storage bins look more attractive–paper fronts

Organizing Tip #6–MAKE IT PRETTY

 MAKING AN ORGANIZED SPACE LOOK PRETTY while it also functions well is one of the best parts of organizing to me.  Incorporate pretty jars and containers into your desk top organization or create a fun display board using a pretty frame to hold your jewelry.  When a space looks nice you’ll want to keep it organized.


***cover cardboard or poster board with wrapping paper to make inexpensive shelf liners
***incorporate decorative accessories into your organization


***I love the idea of covering paint cans in decorative paper for craft storage


***I often use vintage milk glass pieces for storing jewelry and cosmetics

Organizing Tip #7–LABEL IT

LABELS are your best friend when it comes to organizing.  It helps identify the contents of a basket, helps when you are sorting items and labels let you add a personal touch to your organizational system.  If you’re looking for unique and inexpensive label options, check the $1.00 section at Target and Michael’s for fun tags or chalkboard stickers.



***small picture frames also make stylish labels for boxes and baskets

So there you have it…my go-to organizing tips.  Good organization really comes down to having a system in place that makes the task of keeping your world clutter free easy.  Now that I’ve given myself a refresher course on the tips I use, I’m off to organize my world.  Stay tuned for the results!


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You know that saying, better late than never, well I finally got my office cleaned up and things pulled together so I could show you my small but powerful workspace, the space where all the creativity happens.


I’ve got a space in my garage where I tackle big projects that involve paint and crafting but my little red desk is where I spend most of my days working on design projects, writing blog post and fueling my creativity.  My work area shares space with a guest bedroom but allows me just enough space to do what I need to do.  In addition to my work area, I have a large walk-in closet in the room where all my supplies, fabrics, crafting tools and Etsy shop items are stored.  I like keeping my desk area clean and organized so the closet is the perfect storage option for the items I use on a daily basis.

A few months ago my desk looked like this.


And then I got a wild hair to paint it red and it was transformed into this.


Red is my favorite color so having a red desk was long overdue.  To give the desk even more of a facelift I replaced the metal pulls with beautiful horn pulls  and a piece of glass for the top.


Once the desk was painted all the other elements fell into place.


Above the desk hangs a large cork board that I made using a frame that was given to me by a client.  Given that my mom taught English for 27 years, I’ve come to love the power of words so my inspiration board is filled with quotes that lift me up everyday.


Most of the accessories I use to hold pencils (I’m a fancy No.2 girl), scissors and such are vintage milk glass pieces I thrifted.  The vintage glass lamp was a .25 cent purchase at the Longest Yard Sale two years ago.  I covered the shade in a black and white print.



I bought my desk chair at a local thrift store for $7.00.  It didn’t have a seat when I got it and the wood was stained an oak color but the frame was in good shape.  I painted the chair black, had a piece of wood cut for the seat and upholstered it in a fun print.

The door you see in the background is the closet where all the goods are stored.

ConfettiStyle copy

The mouse pad was a diy project you can read about here and the basket under the desk holds a few binders that I access frequently.


Between the closet door and bathroom door is a file cabinet I covered in a black and white stripe skirt.  The TV sit on top and above that is a handmade piece of hand-painted fabric art my mom purchased in Africa when you took a trip years ago.


Framed prints I downloaded from Sarah M. Dorsey hang on a side wall.


One wall of the room has a gallery wall which I’m in the process of completing.  And you’ve seen in previous post that I am a basket fiend so here are a few that hold crafting supplies and add visual interest to the room.

My work space is a definite reflection of my love of color and an eclectic design style.


 So there you  have it, my little red desk and where I work!

Thanks for stopping by today.  Make it a great week!


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As someone who works from home, I’m always checking out office spaces on Pinterest. In my book, the perfect home office doesn’t have to be large or filled with designer touches but does need to be functional, have pretty accessories and incorporate personal touches. Here are 10 of my favorite office spaces and why they work in my book.
One of the things I love about that this compact work station is that there is room to spread out and if needed accommodates two people working.  I recently added a glass top to my desk and think that really adds to the style of a work surface.
This is a great example of a personalized work area.  The two lamps help to define the desk and the inspiration board is a great centerpiece to this gallery wall, which is full of personal pieces.
While not exactly my style, this super sleek and modern desk offers style and function with the drawer unit that helps keep the desk area uncluttered.  If I was to change one thing about this space it would be the chair…this desk calls for a chair with more style.
There are so many cute things in this office space.  The desk is charming (love the curves) and the chalkboard is functional and pretty. I also love the dress form which adds a personal feel to this work space.


Isn’t this space pretty?  I love the painted desk top and the overall arrangement of this L-shaped work surface. The bookshelves are the perfect mix of decorative and functional items and that chandelier adds a touch of glam.  This beautiful space was designed by Sabrina of Pink Little Notebook who has a fabulous blog I highly recommend you check out.
My favorite part of this work space is the floating shelves which help keep the space open and airy but still provide ample space for organization and display.
What really makes this office space work for me are the pops of bold color with all the white.  The expedite bookcase is great for storage and I love the Louis chair in place of a traditional office chair.  Only thing missing…a fun rug!
Cute and compact is how I’d describe this office space.  The bold wall color definitely adds lots of energy and the plant adds visual interest.
I’m all for a non-traditional desk in an office and love that this space feel mores like an extension of the homes décor than a hard-core office space.
Sunset Office--Sunset
I’ve always liked the idea of an office space in a closet.  This is the perfect solution when space is at a premium.  The open shelves are great for decorative storage boxes  and accessories, and the top cabinet gives you space to store more mundane office supplies behind closed doors.
When I look at all of these offices spaces, I realize there are a few common elements that stand out to me and that help define the perfect home office.
1.  Storage–Boxes, Baskets and Bookcases provide storage while also adding to the style of an office space.
2.  Lighting–Unique lighting both on the desktop and overhead help make an office space pretty and functional.
3.  Seating–Non-traditional chairs used as desk chairs are a great way to up-style your work area.
4.  Color–Whether through accessories, wall color or rugs, color makes an office space feel energized.
5.  Wall decor–Mixing functional pieces like chalk or bulletin boards with framed art and inspirational quotes helps to personalized an office space.
6.  Accessories–Every good office deserves pretty accessories.  Using decorative pieces to hold pencil, paper and files makes an office feel less rigid.
7.  Flowers-Guaranteed to make your work space happier!
Want to see what my home office space looks like?  I’ve been doing a little spruce up and will share it with you next week.


all images via my Office/Craft Space pinterest board

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Happy Saturday!  I hope your weekend is starting off great.
Now that the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is over I can’t help but feel like fall is just around the corner.  During these last weeks of summer, it’s the perfect time to begin thinking about your fall wardrobe and maybe do a little organizing and styling in your closet.  This image is a great example of how you can achieve both organization and style in a small closet space.  It has definitely inspired me to do some purging, sorting and de-cluttering in my closet.
When you take a break from organizing, take a moment to enjoy these weekend reads….
No matter what age you are, this is sound advice for both your business and personal life.  A must read!! Thanks to Mandy over at Waiting on Martha to bring it to my attention.
Want to be inspired?  Check out these Top 100 Inspirational Quotes!
You’re going to love this home tour and you’ll get some great decorating tips from it too.
Beautiful inspiration if you want to decorate with black.
What a great way to inspire a table décor theme!
I love how creative Kristin used the leftover space in her laundry closet!
I found this blog post to be a great reminder that “surrounding yourself only with people who will lift you higher” is something we should all be striving for.


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Can you believe that July is almost over?  With August just around the corner that means…

Fall is near….

and I’m loving the idea of adding glittered leaves to pumpkins!

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it….

and I think hot gluing dollar store trays to the tops of pumpkins is a great way to create a unique buffet.

And Christmas is fast approaching!

And I’m on the hunt for plastic ornaments so I can create this super cute holiday garland.

It can be overwhelming to think about how fast the days and months are passing by so, until the first day of fall is officially here why don’t we all just do this…

image source 1/ 2/ 3/ 4

Here’s a these links & your weekend!

If you like going to the beach before summers out, this DIY tote should be added to your project list.
You’re not going to believe this laundry room makeover!
6 reasons to love white dishes.
Who ever thought of this should win an award.
What a beautiful take on a summer treat!
Want to know what highly effective people do on the weekend?


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