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I’m Happy!

There are so many things to be happy about today….


I woke up to a pretty stack of presents….

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I’m packing to leave for my trip to DC tomorrow…


The weather in DC is looking like 70 degrees and sunshine…


I get to eat cake tonight…


And It’s My Birthday!


If you want to celebrate my birthday, I hope you’ll watch my favorite video and find your happiness today!



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Hello there. So I’m going to get right to it. Have you all been watching Nate Berkus’ new show American Dream Builders? I have and boy has that show got me up in arms.


The show itself has a good format and I love seeing designers in all different areas of design working together.

I’ve gained a new appreciation for landscape design from watching the show. It’s amazing how creative you can get with concrete and grass.

I think the judging panel of Nate, Monica and Eddie makes a great team and provides great design tips and realistic feedback on the designs.

I am getting lots of design inspiration from the beautiful spaces created on the show.

See Team Red in action this week.

I love the idea of using tile just on one wall in a kitchen.  This is a great way to create a focal point in the space and the larger tiles make for a dramatic statement. And a table as an island substitute is one of my favorite design looks.

See Team Red in action this week.

This outdoor area is a great example of how different textures can make a space come alive.  All of the best principles of design were used in this space…scale, variation, balance, depth and dimension.

See Team Blue in action this week.

This is one of my favorite bedrooms designs thus far on the show.  The fabric treatment is such a simple and dramatic touch and a very easy diy project that anyone can handle.

See Team Blue in action this week.

Here’s a great example of how to mix brights into a neutral space.  The accent colors are repeated in several areas which makes the color feel natural versus forced.

View More: http://americandreambuilders.pass.us/adb

There are so many great things about this space.  I love the tile on the fireplace, the mix of textures and finishes and the unexpected chandelier.  Paying attention to the design details really pays off.


Despite the talent of the designers that make up this show, it’s been interesting to see how even they can make rookie mistakes.

See Team Red in action this week.

First, this room to me lacks a point of view.   And then there are too many contrasting design elements and too many linear details (lines of light fixture, lines on the chairs, lines on the artwork).  Plus I think the overall scale of this space is off.

See Team Red in action this week.

While this isn’t bad design I do think the space missed the mark when it comes to functionality for the couple that live there.  This couple likes to entertain and the limited seating and small-scale furniture does not support that in my  book.


For someone who loves pillows, even I thought this was overkill.  One of the best things you can do when designing a space is to edit after it’s done.  Bad design cannot be covered up by a bunch of pillows.

View More: http://americandreambuilders.pass.us/adb

This bathroom has to win the prize for the worst space so far.  The idea of repurposing a piece found in the garage was good but this goes to show you that one badly executed design element can turn even the best space into an eyesore.


Ok, how many of you guessed I was going to be talking about Elaine when it got to the UGLY part of this post?  After watching last nights episode, it was pretty obvious to me that the ratings game came into play with keeping her on the show.  For some strange reason bad TV makes money.

Her tactics of belittling people, bad mouthing and disrespecting people is so awful.  Her stunt last night of killing Christina’s plan for the kitchen should have gotten her kicked off the show.  The kitchen was the least ‘designed’ space in the house and it was because of her.

She obviously lacks some self-love if she feels the need to always make herself look better than everyone else.


Last night on twitter and on the ADB blog, Elaine was getting bashed pretty bad.  People, me included, are not connecting with her disruptive attitude and verbal abuse of others.  But maybe there’s hope because Elaine posted this on twitter, in response to a comment from Nate Berkus…

Honey, THAT BUILD truly left me a changed person!!!! I had 2 go home & ask myself A LOT of questions about EVERYTHING

We can only hope.

I’m looking forward to next Sundays’ show, not only for the design inspiration but to see if Elaine really has changed!

To see photos of all the ADB designed space and to read the ADB blog head here.

If you’ve been watching the show, what are your thoughts?


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untitled (21)

I am a professed bag lady with more handbags and totes than the average woman really needs.  One of the reasons I have so many bags is because I love handbags and think of them like I do jewelry, an essential accessory to my wardrobe.  The other reason that my bag collection is always growing is because I am always on the hunt for bags that serve different functions in my life.


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Have a Very Merry…



Well, it’s the day before Christmas and if it hasn’t made it under the tree by now, it’s not going to.

As you read this we’re headed to Oklahoma to spend Christmas with family and get some much-needed R & R.  I’m wishing for snow (after we arrive) and days that are long, drawn out and lazy!

Follow my Instagram for holiday updates from the road.  Our travel adventures typically involve stops and shopping at Cracker Barrel, a road-side flea market or two and lots of magazine inspiration.

Sweet dreams tonight and don’t forget to leave some cookies out for Santa!


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We’ll all the decorating is done and all that’s left is for Santa to arrive.
I had lots of fun decorating this year, in part due to the many handcrafted projects I made and incorporated into my décor but also because it was refreshing using classic Christmas colors to decorate with.
I’m not going to give you all the details of the décor (more to come next week) but instead I’m going to let you enjoy the photos.
Merry Christmas from my house to yours!
Christmas 2013-23
DIY Christmas Countdown Blocks 
Christmas 2013-15
Color theme:  Red, Green, Soft Gold and Burlap
Christams 2013-17
Ornaments of different sizes and finishes and my DIY Jingle Bell burlap ribbon.
Christmas 2013-17
Metal Merry Christmas Sign (purchased at Antique Traditions in Norcross, GA)
Christmas 2013-22
Lights all a glow!
Pom Pom Package Ties 1
Wrapping paper to coordinate with my color theme and my handmade Pom Pom Ties
Christmas Gift Tags by ConfettiStyle (9) copy
Handmade gift tags
Christams 2013-27
A simple dining room centerpiece
Christmas 2013-42
Handmade NOEL decor
Christmas 2013-32
This gorgeous hand-crafted metal ‘wreath’ was a gift from Jessica at Signature Piecez!
Christmas 2013-38
Christmas 2013-34
Cocktail bar cart turned Hot Chocolate Bar
Christmas 2013-35
Wrapping paper stashed in a brass trophy urn
Christmas vignette
Christmas 2013-36
Mini Tree, vintage typewriter and a letter to Santa!
Christmas 2013-31
Christmas accents in the bedroom
Christmas 2013-30
Mix and match patterns
Christmas 2013-33
Cozy pillows for lounging
    Christmas 2013-51
The stockings were hung…
Christmas 2013-48
from hand-crafted wood Christmas plaques!
Christmas 2013-21
A larger than life red star for the top of the tree


And a front door frame wreath!

Christmas Chalkboard

I hope you enjoyed my Christmas décor!  Drop by tomorrow for some great links and a bit more holiday inspiration.


Linking to:

DIY ShowOff



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Gone are the days when a simple chain necklace was the accessory of choice.  The trend in jewelry has shifted to “more is better” and “bigger is best”.  In 2013 it’s all about statement necklaces, bold bangles, multiple pieces and lots of layering.  Sound like an easy look to pull together?  Well, I’ve seen many a woman try to pull off this look with no luck.  There’s an art to layering all those beautiful necklaces and bracelets you’re seeing in stores and on-line and I’m here to share a few styling tips with you, so you can layer your jewelry with confidence.















With so many summer sales going on, now is the perfect time to pick up a few bold colored necklaces that can carry you into fall.  Be creative with mixing and matching your pieces and have fun creating looks that show off your personality.

all images via my Jewelry and Baubles Pinterest board

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My to-do list keeps growing and it has me feeling a bit like this today…


Consumed by paperwork…


My brain is in overload…..


I’m dog tired….


Yes, please!

In the midst of all that’s going on, I’m trying to remember this…


and this…


I’m going to bed early tonight and will be back tomorrow with a new outlook!

XO Shelly

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It’s Monday and if planning for a super busy week wasn’t enough, I’m sick with a cold and really not up to blogging today.  I’m taking today to recoup but will be back tomorrow to share the adventure I had at the Kentucky Derby on Saturday.  It was a blast despite the rain, the cold and no big winnings!

 XO Shelly

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