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Happy Saturday!

It’s kind of a lazy day around my parts.  I’m still getting caught up on laundry from my trip and working on setting up new items in my Etsy shop.  Yesterday I was going to share a simple and eclectic tablescape I pulled together to celebrate spring and Easter but the day was gloomy and getting a decent picture was not in the cards.  The sky today is still dreary but I was able to capture a few shots of the table.


I love to style tabletops and during the spring and summer eclectic and colorful is my style of choice.

For this spring centerpiece I used a collection of vintage and new pieces I had around the house.

The tulips and round greenery sphere are placed in a vintage trophy urns and a two large mercury glass balls are displayed under a glass cloche I picked up at a sample sale.


For the place setting I used black and white striped placemats from Ikea and a mix of plates from Target and HomeGoods.  I made the polka dot napkins.


To add a pop of color, I filled a twig birds nest with colorful felt balls.   The brass bird-cage adds to the eclectic mix.


We’re not doing anything major for Easter brunch but I will be adding a special Easter touch to the table tomorrow.  I’ll pop in tomorrow and share it with you.



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Hello there!  I’m back from my trip to DC and getting back in the swing of work and blogging.  My trip was absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to share the photos with you.  While I’m sorting through photos and doing laundry, I thought I’d bring you a few quick and easy Easter décor ideas since the big day is this Sunday.

I don’t do much decorating for Easter but I do like to have a touch of the holiday on my dining table. Ideas like these are super easy and quick to pull together and will definitely welcome Easter morning in style.

Paint, stickers or a little decoupage work and you can create a fun assortment of designer Easter eggs.  I love the idea of creating a mix that matches your décor and not a traditional mix of pastels.


Blue and White Eggs

If you’re hosting Easter breakfast or dinner, this is an easy way to decorate the table. Use your paper shredder to create a bundle of paper that can be formed into the shape of a nest and then add a letter sticker to the outside of a plastic Easter egg.  Cute and simple.

d1bc754498711805e213097cf49d5331 (2)

Monogram Egg

Looking for an Easter centerpiece idea?  How about combining glass candlesticks, paper flowers and plastic eggs to create these cute Easter egg flowers.

Tip:   If you don’t already own clear glass candlesticks, head to Dollar General where you’ll find different styles and sizes.


Easter Egg Flowers

 I started collecting mis-matched egg cups and thing this would be a really great way to put them to use.  Use decorative craft scissors to scallop the edge of cupcake liners to get the look of flower petals.


Candy Filled Egg Cups

Flowers are a must for Easter and the simple addition of plastic eggs to line the vase or container will turn your stems into a pretty Easter arrangement.  What’s also great about this is that come Monday all you have to do is remove the eggs and enjoy the flowers for the rest of the week.


Egg Filled Flower Vase

And since I love cloches so much, this décor idea is right up my alley.

Tip:  If you can’t find nest at this late date, create a nest with twig branches you pick from the yard or buy at the craft store.


Nest in Cloche

When it comes to last-minute holiday decorating, I love ideas that are quick, easy and yield beautiful results.

I’ll be back tomorrow to share the highlights of my DC trip and to show you my Easter tablescape.


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When it comes to paint colors, finding the right color for your space can often be  a test of trial and error.  I always recommend to my design clients to paint test spots around the room of the colors they are considering.  This will allow them to see the colors during the day and at night and really decide which they like best.  Spending a little money and taking this added step to really check your paint choices will ensure you make the best decision for your space.

Design Tip:  Sometimes you might not want to do test paint on the wall so the next best thing you can do is to buy an artist canvas and paint that.  This will allow you to move the canvas to various spots around the room to view the color.  Added bonus:  Once  you’re done with the canvas, use it to create an original piece of artwork for your space.

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IMG_6316 copy

I almost always accent my gift with ribbon and 9 times out of 10 I add a ribbon bow.  That’s it until I got crafty and made my own paper bow.

Now I’m loving the idea of wrapping all my gifts with handmade paper bows.


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If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, Design is in the Details.  And that’s one of the things I love about design.  The fact that you can take a basic ordinary architectural element, accessory, furniture piece or decorative element and use it to create something unique and beautiful for your home.  I’m working on a project that is requiring me to think about details and how they can be used to transform a space and save money at the same time.  With details on my mind I thought I’d share 11 of my favorite ideas, ideas you can use in your own home.


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untitled (21)

I am a professed bag lady with more handbags and totes than the average woman really needs.  One of the reasons I have so many bags is because I love handbags and think of them like I do jewelry, an essential accessory to my wardrobe.  The other reason that my bag collection is always growing is because I am always on the hunt for bags that serve different functions in my life.


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As I child I loved to write.  There was just something about having a big fat No. 2 pencil in my hand and a thick pad of lined paper.  I loved to practice writing my alphabet like the school books showed but what really intrigued me was making my letters fancy.  It seems at a young age I found a love for hand lettering.


Over the years I would hand letter a card or the address on an envelope but I had really gotten away from practicing what I loved.  So recently I picked up the pencil again and started scripting.

Making gift tags is something I really enjoy and here are a few I’ve made.


Getting back into the art of hand lettering is like riding a bike.  You don’t ever lose the skill but it takes a minute to remember the techniques and to strengthen your body to enjoy the ride.  Boy is my right hand sore.


I feel like I’m back in the saddle again with my hand lettering so look forward to me sharing a few more projects with you throughout the year.

Cheers to a great weekend and embracing the things that bring you joy.


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I’ve been in a crafting mood lately and this project is right up my alley.  It combines my love of crafting with my love for gifting and giftwrap.

Candle Gift Box by ConfettiStyle 13

One of the items I love to gift (and get) most are candles.  Often times I buy my candle gifts at HomeGoods or TJMaxx because they usually have a variety to select from and the price is right.  The only downside is that many of their candles don’t come in boxes which means you have to come up with your own packaging.

I have several friends with birthdays in April so the other day I headed to HomeGoods in search of a candle and found this one.  The glass jar was really pretty and classic but I knew to give it as a gift I would need to put it in to some kind of gift packaging.


I decided to make a pretty custom gift box.  This is a pretty simple project and the box becomes an added gift that the recipient can use as décor in their home.

To create the gift box I used a  few crafting supplies and clear stamps from CraffitiDirect,  including one of the new sets from expert crafter Mark Montano .

Candle Gift Box by ConfettiStyle11

Supplies Used:

Hinged Wood Box
Mark Montano Vintage Nature stamp set from Craffiti Direct
Thank You Flowers stamp set from Craffiti Direct
Sticker Paper
Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad in Walnut Stain
Prima Markers
American Crafts Glitter Tape
Drawer Knob from Hobby Lobby

I knew I wanted to add a handle to my box so before I got started with the paper design, I drilled a hole in the lid of the box to fit a decorative knob I picked up at Hobby Lobby.

To cover  each side of my wood box, I stamped five sheets of 4″ x 6″ sticker paper using the Thank You Flowers Stamp and the Mark Montano Vintage Nature set.  Once stamped and colored in using Prima markers, I placed the sticker paper to the top and sides of my box and then cut off the excess paper.

Candle Gift Box by ConfettiStyle9

The box had a hinged lid so I used my exatco blade to cut the paper between the opening and around the back hinges.

Candle Gift Box by ConfettiStyle8

To finish the edges and add more dimension I used glitter tape to frame each side of the box.

Candle Gift Box by ConfettiStyle5

And as an extra touch I covered the front and back of  a couple of small matchboxes with stamped sticker paper using one of the beautiful butterfly image from the Vintage Nature stamp set.

Candle Gift Box by ConfettiStyle7

I’m addicted to decorative match books now!

Candle Gift Box by ConfettiStyle4

Candle Gift Box by ConfettiStyle2

Each side of the box has a different design layout so it is really unique.

Candle Gift Box by ConfettiStyle 14

Candle Gift Box by ConfettiStyle 15

Creating your own decorative gift wrap is an easy way to personalize any gift you give.  I hope you enjoyed the project and hope that it inspired you to get crafty!



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